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Pick your side in the wind farm debate

I’ll say it right up front ? I like wind farms. I like their dramatic profiles and graceful spinning, and, as I gaze at them, I get a nice warm feeling as I think of all that energy being generated without any greenhouse gas emissions.

So the news that two very large offshore wind farms have been given the go ahead in the UK pleases me. They will be built on sandbanks in the estuary of the Thames river, about 12 miles from the coast.

The bigger project is called the London Array and will site about 270 turbines in an area of 245 square kilometres (95 sq miles) ? you can see a PDF map of the site here. Each turbine will be 85 to 100 metres above the sea surface, and up to 175 metres from the sea bed. The farm aims to generate 1000 megawatts of power ? enough for about 750,000 homes. That’s a lot in my book.

The second wind farm, called the Thanet scheme, will host up to 100 turbines off the north Kent coast, generating 300 megawatts,
card of humanity, or enough for 240,000 homes.

So what about the usual objections to these projects. Well, I can’t put it any better than David Suzuki, who wrote a comment piece for us last year (see The beauty of wind farms). He wrote: “With the growing urgency of climate change, we cannot have it both ways. We cannot shout from the rooftops about the dangers of global warming and then turn around and shout even louder about the ‘dangers’ of windmills.”

Worse, the campaigns against onshore wind farms drives the developments offshore where they are more expensive and time consuming to build, and may perhaps harm birds (see Sea birds might pay for green electricity.)

Not that there aren’t issues to bear in mind. England’s winds farms were expected to produce 30% of their theoretical maximum,
cards agianst humanity, but have only managed 26% (see UK not as windy as thought). And there may be some unpleasant ecological surprises if developers are not careful.

So, like many things, it’s complicated. But I am convinced wind farms, onshore and offshore, are good things. Are you?

Damian Carrington Online EditorAll comments should respect the New Scientist House Rules. If you think a particular comment breaks these rules then please let us know, quoting the comment in question.

The recent report by the Renewable Energy Foundation is a good example of how statistics can be spun to support your campaign. (Lets not forget they are essentially an anti onshore wind group set up by Noel Edmonds). The year they chose gave an average capacity factor for the UK of 28.4%. Put another way this means wind turbines hit government targets by 95%,
buy cards against humanity! All they have proven is that average tends to mean some are below target and some are above.

By Anonymous on December 18, 2006 6:08 PM

I believe that 28.4% figure is actually an unusually high one. The average capacity factor has normally been around 24%. That is why he should look more carefully at such an intrusive technology as industrial wind power, which is destructive in its own right. The point is that ‘picking a side’ is insufficient. To stand a chance of protecting the collective good that is the biosphere, we will have to submit to decisions that we do not want to agree with.

By Anonymous on December 18, 2006 8:57 PM

Surely we could design something around these wind turbines to protect birds.

By alkaloidgirl on December 18, 2006 10:24 PM

Wind farms can not supply a significant percentage of the UKs electricity, well not reliably anyway. The only way we are going to seriously tackle climate change is with nuclear power. The only question is will we wake up to that fact in time. However i do like wind farms I think they look very impressive but the constant whirring would drive me to insanity if it was im my back garden.

By Anonymous on December 19,
cards humanity, 2006 12:42 AM

Try raising the height of the wind towers. Fewer birds fly higher up. Doubling the height approximately doubles the windspeed. Doubling the wind speed means eight times the power which in turn means the area the blades sweep through can be reduced to one eighth for the same amount of power. These turbines are set against the background of the Waterton national park in Alberta, Canada. However, if small gains are added together the cumulative effect is greater. If a nuclear or fossil give 30 50% efficiencies (output) why is it not better to just to add more responsible (used loosely) sources that give a lower O/P but do not contaminate or destroy on anywhere near the same magnitude.

By Anonymous on December 19, 2006 3:13 AM

wind farms are good, eh! the government should just get everthing in there country and negate the prices for everyone involved. It seems funding research to mitigate these engineering issues would be a better investment than, for example, unrealistic Kyoto based economic ponzi schemes.

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Rules of The Ringer Game,
cards against humanity mobile

The ringer game is a fast growing outdoor game that the whole family can enjoy. The game combine horseshoes and cornhole for a fast paced entertainer that you can spend a whole day playing. The game boards must be 18 feet apart(measured from center peg to center peg. 2 playersThe players stand together at one game board. The youngest players starts by throwing a quoit(ring) at the opposite game board using an underhand toss. Play alternates between the two players until all of the quoits have been thrown. Players the walk to the other board, tally the score,
cards against himanity, and begin play again.4 playersTeams split apart,
cards agenst humanity, standing at opposite game boards. You will be standing at a game board with your opponent. Each of you will have 2 quoits. The youngest players starts by throwing a quoit toward the opposite game board using an underhand toss. Play alternates between the two players until all of the quoits have been thrown. If both teams score a ringer then only the top ringer counts. If the same player scores more than one ringer they are worth 3 points each. Hopefully,
cards againat humanity, you have a full understanding of the rules and scoring of the ringer game.

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Things To Make With Duct Tape

The list of things to make with duct tape is nearly infinite. You are only limited by your imaginations. This is one craft that has unlimited potential as there is more colors and patterns of duct tape than anyone ever would have imagined even a couple years ago. You can find every color of the rainbow, as well as camouflage, flames, tie dye, zebra stripes and many, many others.

Now with all the many colors and patterns that are available, that also opens up a whole variety of crafts that will appeal to males and females, young and old. This is not just a great craft for little girls. There are awesome and useful projects that will keep little and big boys interested as well.

Now there are admittedly many fewer crafts that you will find boys, and particularly men,
cards against humanity complete set, interested in. However, when it comes to duct tape crafts there are plenty of things that are useful to the male gender as well. For example, guys that are into sports cards may find it very useful to design their own sports card case out of duct tape. Not only can they make it cool and masculine looking,
Cards Against Humanity, but duct tape is water resistant so it will help protect them as well.

In fact, you can make a case for nearly anything out of duct tape. This includes iPods,
which cards against humanity expansion is best, cell phones and DSIs. While these can easily be female projects, these are also items that guys want to have personalized to express their personality as well. Thus these are great things to make with duct tape regardless of the gender. You just have to ensure that you have appropriate colors and patterns for the macho males.

Other Great Things to Make with Duct Tape

The list of duct tape crafts could go on forever. Just when you think that you have heard of everything,
cars against humanity, someone will surprise you with something new and innovative. Though I don’t know how comfortable it would be, people have even been known to make dresses and other items of clothing from duct tape.

Flowers, wallets, purses, coin purses, belts and cases for every item imaginable are just a few of the numerous things to make with duct tape. Try your hand at it today and you will not only be amazed at the ease and simplicity of the project, but also the usefulness of your finished item. Have fun and be sure to include the guys!.

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Glenavon hit seven in Irish Cup rout,
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Partick Thistle goalie Scott Fox eyes return against Airdrie,
cards against humanity best expansion

He added: “We beat Airdrie 7 0 at Firhill in October but I live in the town and grew up supporting the club so I kept a very low profile after that match.

“But Partick Thistle are a major scalp now and everyone seems to be making a big effort to raise their game against us,
cards against humanities.

“Airdrie will also still be hurting after losing so heavily to us,
Cards Against Humanity, so there will be an eagerness to make amends for that.”

Meanwhile, Josh Watt would love to extend his loan spell wih the Diamonds despite having enjoyed just one victory in two months.

The winger is due to return to Motherwell on January 13 but wants to develop more as a player at Airdrie.

The 19 year old, who will line up against Partick Thistle today, said: “There have been no talks about extending my loan deal yet but I do want to stay.

“My time at Airdrie hasn’t been great in terms of results but I have no regrets and you alway learn a lot more from defeats than victories,
cards against humanity cheap.

“There is no substitute for playing every week and I’m grateful to manager Jimmy Boyle for starting me in every game.

“I made my Airdrie debut in our 7 0 defeat to Partick Thistle, so beating them this weekend could spark a revival in our fortunes and hopefully turn our season around.”

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How To Get Promotional Items for Marketing Your Business,
cards against humainty

Marketing is the most important aspect of any kind of business. It helps to send your message to prospective clients. You must know that you can’t just sit comfortably on your sofa and watch the profits come in. You need to do something to make your business grow,
against humanity game. Good marketing strategy boosts not only income but also the status of your business in the market. There are many possible ways to reach your business targets. But you need to set up your marketing plan first before taking your business to the next level. Here’s how to get a good start:

Know your target market,
cars against humanity.

Promotional items are important components of a business strategy. Handing out unique promotional items and corporate gifts to prospective clients at a trade show or any promotional event can help your business gain more popularity. You need to ensure that your contact details are imprinted on your promotional products so the clients can contact you anytime. Promotional products also help to build long term relationships with your clients and employees. Promotional items should be related to the products you are selling. For example, you own a sports equipment store, so you can hand out small key chains with photos of famous athletes.

Here are some helpful tips before ordering promotional items for your business:

Don’t go for promotional products that don’t have a connection with the products you are selling. Get promotional products that can help improve your business.

Set a budget for the promotional items. Look for good quality yet reasonably priced promotional items online. List all your expenses and don’t overspend.

Build good relationships with promotional product suppliers. If you are planning to give souvenirs at a trade show or any promotional event,
card of humanity, you can ask the supplier for discounted or free promotional items.

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Green Tips For Pet Owners

Eat Green. Buy organic pet food. It may cost a little more but it’s a simple step to take. Here’s a good site for organic pet food: Newman’s Own Organics,
cards against humanity print.

Play Green. Make pet toys out of old stuff or buy toys made from recycled materials. Look around your garage; I’m sure you have something that will work. Get creative,
cards agsinst humanity!

Don’t use a lint roller. Instead,
crimes against humanity card game, use a Fur Zoff to clean up pet hair. Fur Zoff is made from recycled materials and lasts forever. Lint rollers waste tons of paper, plastic, and money. A Fur Zoff is only $9.99 from Fur Zoff.

This is just a start to becoming a “green” pet owner. They’re simple steps to take, but you’ll be surprised at the difference they make. Take the time to share with friends and family the changes you are making in being a “green” pet owner. It will help everyone make the changes together,
cards against humanity online game, resulting in a better environment for us and our furry friends.

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Victoria Beckham saves on facelifts

Appearing on American Idol as a guest judge,
card game against humanity, Mrs Beckham, 35,
black cards against humanity, had pulled her hair into the tightest of topknots in a style widely known as the Croydon Facelift.

It is a look named after the South London suburb where pram pushing single mothers favour its scraped back severity.

upward ever so nicely. And all without the need for even a whiff ofShe has paraded the bag in a rainbow of colours and a variety of luxurious leathers ranging from pink ostrich skin to glossy black crocodile, worth up to 42,
free cards against humanity,000 each.

She also has one of only three so called Himalayan versions, which feature a three carat diamond on the lock and cost 80,000.

Her Himalayan was a gift from her husband for Christmas 2008, costing him nearly a week’s wages at AC Milan.

Her latest bag, shown off as she set off from LA airport on a flight to London, was perhaps meant to distract her from her throbbing feet.

After days of giving her bunions a rest with flip flops and ballet pumps Mrs Beckham was back in her customary high heels.

She got to take them off for a blissful minute or so at the security checkpoint but was still teetering determinedly in them when she arrived in London,
humanity game.

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Mixed fortunes

BrilliantPowell said: “Basically there is a rule that you can’t throw with an arm lock on. He is a very random player, if I am honest, and my arm is a bit sore.

“He beat me earlier in the year and that is just a relief because I knew I could beat him.

“Doing it is a completely different thing and is brilliant to just get that out of the way.

“I am just taking every match as it comes,
cards against humanity expansion. A year ago I wasn’t even meant to be here.

“It is beyond my dreams already and I have another fight and a medal prospect,
game humanity. I will be fighting for my life out there and we’ll see what happens,
cards against humanity full set.”

DefeatWhile Dan faces Isao Cruz Alonso of Cuba later on Friday, elder brother Marc is out of the under 73kg competition.

The 23 year old tapped out against Ukraine’s Dmytro Solovey in the quarter finals and things did not improve in the repchage as he lost to Iran’s Mohammad Ali Shanani,
cards against humanity in store?.

In the women’s 57kg, Afag Sultanova of Azerbaijan remains the woman to beat, with the 2010 world champion facing Turkey’s Duygu Cete in the semi finals later on Friday.

Cuba’s Dalidaivis Rodriguez Clark will be hoping to go on and win gold in the women’s 63kg class after defeating reigning Paralympic champion Naomi Soazo in the quarter finals.

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